Seija K Zimmerman Therapy

“What we don’t need in the midst of a struggle is shame for being human.”

– Brene Brown PhD, LMSW

Providing individual and family therapy for teens and young adults struggling with ‘launching’ into adulthood. Also, treating major depression, general anxiety and panic attacks, and the consequences of growing up in a chaotic environment. – Seija Zimmerman LMFT #106164

There is comfort in learning to sit still.


We can feel overwhelmed at different times in our lives and sometimes it’s no big deal. Sometimes, you can just buckle your chin strap and work through the muck. But, there are times in life when we need another person to guide us and walk along side us through our struggles – the darkness of depression, the discomfort and tension of anxiety, the confusion and disconnect from growing up in a dysfunctional home. Therapy offers a space for healing and walking through these experiences. A place where you can learn more about yourself, more about your own strengths and abilities, and become the person you are meant to be. It allows you to bring your behaviors into alignment with your values. If you find yourself wondering “Why am I doing this again even though I don’t want to and it makes me miserable?” then you may benefit from individual therapy. I’d like to extend an open invitation to reach out when you are ready.

Telehealth and In-Person Therapy Available

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Feeling on edge, never ending nervousness, fearing the worst is going to happen, overthinking seemingly simple situations – are all experiences of someone with overwhelming and out of ‘the norm’ anxiety. I take a holistic approach to treating anxiety, so therapy includes assessing all aspects of the person’s life and creating a plan of action to start introducing healthy coping tools. We usually explore where the anxiety is coming from simultaneously. I am also a believer in educating my clients, so I often provide research based information about anxiety and the treatment for it. I am here to help when you are ready.


“I am not good enough”, “What’s the point”, “I am not lovable”, “Life is too hard”. These are the thoughts of depression. Depression robs us of our ability to have perspective in life. It drains our energy, our passion for pursuing what we love, and our desire and fulfillment from connecting with others. When someone starts to lose interest in things they used to enjoy, feels lethargic for no medical reason, or has self-loathing thinking then depression has started to take hold. It can create an alternate reality for someone, convincing them that life is not worth living. I am familiar with this issue and will work with you to confront and combat it.


Someone can experience a traumatic event without going to war or having been physically abused. Our personal experience of an event is what determines whether we end up with a trauma related disorder. Adults report having physical health issues, relationship problems, and thinking difficulties as a result of childhood trauma – and the trauma can be from years of neglect or emotional abuse or even not having a safe stable home to live in despite having loving parents. You do not have to come from a physically abusive or sexually abusive childhood to have experienced trauma. This is a complicated topic, but I will be available to talk about it more when you reach out.