Individual Therapy

I provide individual therapy sessions for people who are struggling with major depression, overwhelming anxiety, and/or reconciling having grown up in a dysfunctional or chaotic home. I use a combination of DBT-informed treatment (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), and trauma-informed treatments. When meeting with a person I approach them from an attachment perspective, which means that although the therapies I use in treatment are focused more on the ‘here-and-now’ I view a person’s values, beliefs, behaviors, defenses, and patterns in relationships, as a result of intimate relationships from birth until the present. Our developmental years affect our ability to trust others, look to others for comfort, resolve conflict with others, and develop intimate and meaningful adult relationships. I often invite my clients to notice how reactions in adulthood are often a result of childhood ‘unfinished business’.

My clients can expect a welcoming and compassionate environment during our time together. I am collaborative, encouraging, and focus on ensuring a safe therapeutic experience. The sessions are completely voluntary regarding participation by my clients and all offering of ‘what to do now’ is invited and never requested. I am direct and transparent. My clients know that I am a person too, I do not claim to know everything and I respect my clients for taking the time to take care of themselves. Human’s are relational beings. It is through relationship we can experience healing and growth, just as in the therapeutic relationship. It takes strength to recognize and admit the need to seek help. It takes courage to actually go get it! Thank you for being courageous today.

Online Therapy –

May 1, 2021: I am continuing to offer online therapy for those who prefer it.

I provide online therapy as a supplement to face-face therapy and separately as online only therapy. Online therapy has been a wonderful addition to my practice and is helpful for those who are not able to attend in-office sessions. I use a program called Simple Practice which is HIPAA compliant as a telehealth platform and also acts as my electronic medical record system. My favorite part of this is I can still see my clients and they can still see me, so I am able to notice subtle changes in body language or facial expression and support my clients with self-awareness despite us being in two different places. Of course there are limitations as well: possible internet connection issues, despite all the protections installed some tele-communication online has the possibility of being hacked so personal information is not as guaranteed to be protected as it is for in-person sessions. At this time it is considered more beneficial due to the pandemic and will continue to be offered as long as necessary.


55 – 60 minute therapy session – $145

Insurance Accepted – MHN, MHN-MediCal, Tricare-West, Healthnet, and Healthnet-MediCal


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